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Current DB timestamp is: Wed Apr 26 10:00:02 CDT 2017-kf5bsz(g3)

UPDATE 05APR17: The system we sync from has been repaired, but will need to go offline once more to be placed back at the repeater site. Good news is this site is now working from a G3 server, so we're ready for that. Should be up and running on a more permanent base this weekend. Check the DB timestamp above to see if we're currently syncing or not. Thanks for bearing with me.

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©2012-2017 - Dave Kleinatland - KE5BMS
Original Codebase - ©2009-2012 - William Stillwell - KI4SWY

Revision History

12/20/2015 - Changed dsgw source server
09/05/2015 - Moved to new cloud server. 2GB/25GB.
09/17/2013 - Moved to Rackspace.com cloud host. 512MB/20GB.
11/13/2012 - Got the replacement for the bad 1GB DIMM back from Kingston, we're at 2GB now. Woo!
10/22/2012 - Searcing now polls individual and club call data based on call type via callook.info.
10/20/2012 - Searching now polls basic info about callsign from callook.info.
10/19/2012 - Site moved to permanent location. query.ke5bms.com and query.ki4swy.org will get you here.
10/18/2012 - Site moved to KE5BMS's server. Thanks to KI4SWY for hosting this, I hope to keep it alive!

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10/10/2012 - With the lack of traffic, and continued electric cost, a decission was made
../../.... - shut down this service, and finalize the dismantle of my d-star gw server.
05/01/2012 - Someone keeps trying to hack my gw firewall, and it locks up... Please stop
05/01/2012 - I am upgrading everything over the next few weeks..
05/01/2012 - See me at Dayton, OH :P
07/29/2011 - John Hays noted Spelling Error in Registered
04/01/2011 - Lightning hit my ICOM AH-1 Long Wire
04/01/2011 - Transversing the Control & Coax connections
04/01/2011 - Into my workshop, Lightning did not go past the
04/01/2011 - Coax feed polyphaser, however, lightning jumped
04/01/2011 - from the unplugged control cable to the user
04/01/2011 - side of the ethernet feed, taking out my 24 port poe
04/01/2011 - ethernet switch and my D-Star Routerboard.
12/24/2010 - Updated PostgresSQL to v8.4.4.
12/06/2010 - Fixed spelling error as KD4EFM was complaining..
??/??/2010 - Added links to Other websites..
10/06/2009 - Fixed some html errors, added some color...
10/06/2009 - Callsign can now have leading & tailing spaces..
07/31/2009 - Initial Release.